SEA Vision invests €400K in new serialisation services at its France site


Serialisation software provider SEA Vision has announced a €400k investment in a new training and software testing showroom at its French facility

SEA Vision invests €400K in new serialisation services at its France site

As the industry prepares for the introduction of the European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), the new SEA Vision showroom will be used to host technical training and give pharmaceutical manufacturers hands-on experience of the systems.

SEA Vision confirmed that the facility will be officially opened at an event on 23 April 2018 at the company’s site in Tigery, France. Previews will then be available by appointment from 24-27 April.

Philippe Copel, Director for SEA Vision France, said: “Serialisation is one of the greatest challenges facing pharmaceutical manufacturers today. We decided to invest in a showroom to help our customers when it comes to training and implementing new solutions.”

“Training staff and testing or simulating a serialisation solution on-site without causing downtime in the manufacturing and packaging processes is very difficult. As new serialisation regulations come into force and change in time, and the trend towards aggregation continues, off-site training and solution testing is going to grow in importance as the number of requirements grow.”

Featuring in the space is a full packaging line composed of a case packer, and print and check machines provided by SEA Vision’s strategic partner, Marchesini Group. The line is completed by the software provider’s vision system, which allows users to run simulations of their serialisation and aggregation solutions.

Copel continued: “To mitigate risk and keep downtime to a minimum, customers can test the implementation of new features applicable to their existing systems.”

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“It’s an incredibly important facility that fully showcases our capabilities while ensuring our customers get the best service possible.”