SGD Pharma awarded Platinum EcoVadis rating


The company also achieved a B rating from CDP, which is based on its approach to climate change

SGD Pharma has been awarded a ‘platinum’ rating by EcoVadis, highlighting its SGD Pharma’s commitment to sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility.

SGD Pharma conducted several initiatives and actions in 2020 which have been recognised by EcoVadis. For example, the company signed the Global Compact initiative in February 2020, demonstrating its alignment with the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals. It also conducts advanced emissions calculations, which included the carbon footprint of the business in 2020. By 2025, the company plans to reduce 5% of its CO2 emissions per tons of goods produced.

Other actions include the collaborative development of a CSR questionnaire and code of conduct by the purchasing team and the CSR team, in accordance with the UN global compact 10 principles. Both the questionnaire and code of conduct are sent to all suppliers globally, to ensure SGD Pharma’s contractors uphold its standards through the supply chain. Collective agreements have also been signed throughout SGD Pharma’s offices and plants globally.

The company also provides online training courses for employees on CSR, psychological support offered to all employees with the HR team, and the development of high CSR standard contracts and documentation supported by HR and the environmental health and safety (EHS) team.

Further actions include reusing internal glass offcuts to prevent waste, taking part in global initiatives such as green reporting to help calculate the company’s environmental impact, and monitoring COD (chemical oxygen demand) and pH levels within its factories.

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Laurent Millet, Group Quality and CSR director at SGD Pharma said: “We are extremely pleased to have achieved the platinum award for CSR at SGD Pharma, supported through the implementation of our global CSR strategy. A positive EcoVadis rating is what customers expect and to achieve the platinum award is recognition of the investment made across the business, something we are rightly proud of and means we can service more clients in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry with our high standard services. As we look towards the future, we are committed to empowering our employees, promoting the best health and safety practices, protecting the environment, and maintaining exemplary ethical standards, for both our customers and our valued employees.”