Sewtec robotic palletiser is for high-volume packing lines

Software allows pack dimensions to be programmed in

Sewtec has launched a fast, compact and flexible robotic palletiser

Automation solutions specialist Sewtec has launched a fast, compact and flexible robotic palletiser for high volume packing lines in industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The Sewtec Palletiser features built-in software where the dimensions of each pack are entered directly into the machine, which automatically works out and adjusts itself to the most appropriate format. This allows changeovers to be carried out in a matter of minutes.

The flexible design enables two pallets to be loaded in quick succession or simultaneously from different lines. In addition, for applications where a layer card is required, these can be accessed from the second pallet position for automatic placing during the loading of the pallet.

The Sewtec Palletiser is of robust and hygienic construction and can handle case weights of up to 30kg. All moving parts are enclosed to provide protection against dust. Typical speeds are up to 10 cases a minute, with a flipper unit ensuring that each pack is presented in the correct orientation to the robot head.

All functions and operations are carried out through an easy-to-use intuitive touch screen. Code readers and scanners can be incorporated to help verify loads or as part of full traceability.