Shimadzu Nexera LC-40 HPLC system newly supported in Clarity

Published: 16-Jun-2022

DataApex is pleased to announce that a new control module for the Nexera LC-40 HPLC system has been released!

It is a part of Clarity - Shimadzu Edition Chromatography Software that is dedicated to the European market. Customers can use a control module for the Nexera LC-40 HPLC system in combination with hundreds of instruments supported in Clarity, including the Shimadzu Nexis GC-2030.

Clarity Chromatography Software has a strong position in the chromatography data systems market.

Clarity is highly regarded for its intuitive approach, excellent performance, cost-effectiveness and proficient technical support.

Clarity can control 900+ different instruments from one environment. Its wide range of data acquisition interfaces allows connection to virtually any chromatograph. Clarity supports various applications (PDA, MS, GPC, NGA, etc.). DataApex is solely focused on chromatography software development. A strong emphasis is placed on technological innovation, visionary adoption of new laboratory standards, best practices, and extensive customer support.

DataApex products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Eleven chromatography instrument manufacturers resell privately labelled versions (OEMs) of DataApex’s software.

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