Shimadzu has acquired AlsaChim, a specialist for high-quality analytical isotope labeled standards

As the AlsaChim brand becomes a 100% part of the Shimadzu Group, clients will benefit from one-stop solutions of complex analytical systems

(left to right): Yasunori Yamamoto, President Shimadzu Europa; Toufik Fellague, Managing Director AlsaChim; Jean-Francois Hoeffler, President AlsaChim; Juergen Kwass, Managing Director, Shimadzu Europa

Shimadzu, a specialist in analytical instrumentation, has joined forces with the France-based AlsaChim company, an independent contract research and development organisation. AlsaChim specialises in stable isotope-labelled compounds, metabolites and pharmaceutical related substances, and analytical purposes. With immediate effect, Shimadzu Europe has acquired AlsaChim by 100%. The brand name will be kept for the future complemented by the subtitle "a Shimadzu Group Company". The price for the acquisition is kept confidential.

AlsaChim’s standards and solutions extends Shimadzu's hard- and software products

The AlsaChim technology complements Shimadzu's product and solution portfolio in the clinical market. AlsaChim is an established and well-known innovative company and provides standards and stable isotopes; particularly the latter are key differentiators for customers in the clinical and diagnostic fields. AlsaChim’s expertise and market-proven stable isotope standards as reference material for application kits are value-adding line extensions to Shimadzu’s hard- and software. For example, for the LCMS-triple quadrupole instruments and the CLAM-2000 automated sample pretreatment system, Shimadzu will be able to complete the application packages by standards and kits.

Through the acquisition of AlsaChim, Shimadzu also adds value to its European Innovation Center (EUIC), particularly for the clinical segments which is one of EUIC’s focus areas. This innovations-oriented Think Tank combines academic-scientific expertise from well-known European universities with Shimadzu’s cutting-edge technology to provide even more customer-focused service.

"With AlsaChim, we have a strong partner in our organisation who is able to finalise and validate new application kits and utilise the developments done by EUIC and transfer them into ready-to-use products", said Bjoern-Thoralf Erxleben, Senior Manager Analytic Shimadzu Europa, based in Duisburg, Germany.

Clients now benefit from one-stop solutions of complex analytical systems

The broad range of products, AlsaChim’s comprehensive knowledge in synthesis of stable isotopes and the big number of reference materials, offers a lot of opportunities. Now, Shimadzu is able to enter the market with complete solutions consisting of hardware, software as well as application kits. This generates a new market recognition and follow-up business with continuously running customer relationships. Whereas different providers were involved in the purchasing process so far, clients now benefit from one-stop solutions of complex analytical systems covering a complete validation of the application, including sales, service, support and consumables.

Shimadzu and AlsaChim expect new customers for both brands. The EUIC and its strong cooperation partners provide a platform for new and additional business. Having with AlsaChim a strong partner for development of application kit solutions, this will increase Shimadzu’s business in the clinical and diagnostic market, but also in other market segments. "Being part of the Shimadzu Group, the AlsaChim brand expects additional demand for their products in new sales areas as well as stronger marketing support than before", said Jean-Francois Hoeffler, President of AlsaChim.

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