Shimadzu to host free Cannabis Testing Seminar


The seminar will include insight from BRITISH CANNABIS, Manchester Metropolitan University and other industry partners

Shimadzu is set to host a seminar on Cannabis Testing on 27 February 2020, 9am-4.15pm, at the Shimadzu UK Centre of Excellence in Milton Keynes.

Among other interesting topics, the seminar will cover insights into:

  • Sample Preparation in Complex Matrices
  • The Importance of Cannabis Potency Testing
  • Terpene and Residual Solvents Analysis
  • Comprehensive Pesticides Testing

The seminar will enable particpants to learn more from industry experts from British Cannabis, Manchester Metropolitan University and other industry partners.


9:00 Registration

9:30 Introduction

9:40 The importance of Cannabis Potency Testing - Dr Raymond Wong, Shimadzu UK

10:10 Guest Speaker - James Bozeman, BRITISH CANNABIS

10:40 Optimising Sample Preparation for the analyses of cannabinoids in complex matrices – Dave Speake, SPEX Europe

11:10 Break

11:25 A taste of CBD: Analysis of cannabidiol in edibles including gummy bears and chocolate - Dr Matthew Hulme, Manchester Metropolitan


11:55 2-in-1: Terpene Profiling and Residual Solvent Analysis (HS-GCMS) - Dr Ollie Stacey, Shimadzu UK

12:25 Buffet Lunch

13:10 Comprehensive pesticide analysis using LCMS and GCMS - Part 1 LCMS - Dr Anthony Sullivan, Shimadzu UK

13:40 Comprehensive pesticide analysis using LCMS and GCMS - Part 2 GCMS - Annina Smith, Shimadzu UK

14:10 Sample preparation for successful cannabis testing - Dr Raymond Wong, Shimadzu UK

14:40 Break

14:55 FTIR Analysis of Cannabis Oil Supplements – Jim Williams, Specac

15:25 Analysis of Heavy Metals in CBD products using ICP instrumentation - Ralph Vokes, Shimadzu UK

16:00 Q&A and End

For any questions regarding the seminar please contact:

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