Shimadzu unveils new gas chromatograph

The new GC-2010 Pro has been designed for routine, high-throughput analysis where robustness is key

The new GC-2010 Pro

Shimadzu UK has released the new GC-2010 Pro, an instrument for routine, high-throughput analysis where robustness is key. Shimadzu have been manufacturing gas chromatographs for over 60 years, with the first GC-2010 model first launched back in 2000.

The new instrument combines reliability and performance with affordability. With space for two injectors (SPL, PTV/OCI and WBI) and up to three detectors (FID, TCD, ECD, FPD and FTD), as well as a wide range of automated sampling systems, including liquid and headspace solutions, the GC-2010 Pro can be configured to run a wide range of applications in a single instrument.

The advanced AOC-20 series liquid autosampler also enables dual injection so that two samples can be analysed in parallel, offering more than double the sample throughput without doubling the price and without any increase in instrument footprint.

The high-performance oven also utilises a unique dual fan system to enable it to cool from 450-50°C in just 3.4 minutes so that even more samples can be analysed each day. It’s even possible to use Shimadzu’s unique ClickTek column fittings on the GC-2010 Pro, making column installation as easy as fitting a bayonet lightbulb so that even novice users can perform routine maintenance tasks.

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