Stiplastics launches drop dispenser nozzle


Includes a CRC cap, dispenser nozzle and fully sealed container

Stiplastics, a manufacturer of healthcare devices made of injected plastic material, has added a new drop dispenser nozzle for human and animal healthcare to its product range.

The new device includes a CRC cap, a dispenser nozzle and a container that is fully sealed during transportation and use, which makes it possible to dose viscous and oily products such as serum excipients or eye lotions.

The special dispenser nozzle, designed to administer the exact dose required, is flexible and makes it possible to administer drops one by one by exerting pressure on the intermediate reservoir (and not directly on the bottle). This intermediate reservoir is said to provide perfect flow control.

The nozzle's unique shape is also suitable for localised medication delivery in the ear or the corner of the eye. Moreover, its tip stops when it reaches a certain point in the human ear, thereby avoiding the risk of damage.

The nozzle is integral to the bottle and provides a perfect seal with the rigid PET bottle during transportation and use. The bottle is currently in 10ml format.

'This new device extends Stiplastics' dosage range and confirms the inventiveness of our teams,' said Jérôme Empereur, CEO of Stiplastics.

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'In the coming months, we expect to widen this range, particularly with bottles complying with European Pharmacopoeia standards and providing higher capacities to meet our clients' needs. We already are able to provide flavours with our device which makes it even more comprehensive.'