Stiplastics launches its Capsu’matic range


Stiplastics, which specialises in creating, developing and producing plastic solutions for the pharmaceutical industries and the health sector, is expanding its range of dosing products with Capsu'matic

Stiplastics launches its Capsu’matic range

Following on from 'Press&Take,' its dosage system for granules that has won numerous prizes, including a Pharmapack Award for 'Best Innovation' in 2015, Stiplastics’ teams has developed Capsu’matic, a dosage system for solid medicines, particularly gel capsules.

Capsu’Matic takes capsules or gel capsules and dispenses them one at a time. The system comprises a counting mechanism as well as the container (30 or 60 tablets), but can also be used on existing bottles.

Developed for capsules, the system can be very easily adapted to other formulations, such as round or oval tablets. A distribution system for micro-granules is also under development.

'Where did the idea for creating this product come from? The aim was for the patient or carer not to have to put their hand in the pot or shake several pills into their hand if they only needed to take one. This is especially important for medicines with a strong active ingredient, for which Capsu’Matic is particularly recommended,' explains Virginie Delay, Manager of Stiplastics’ Sticare business unit.

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It avoids unnecessary contact and ensures perfect hygiene. Its intuitive, ergonomic design means it can also be used with one hand. Our teams are committed to making everything more convenient and easier to use for patients. That’s all the more true and important today, with the arrival of complex treatments, such as chemotherapy, at home,' she added.