Strategic collaboration to develop HDL based pharmaceuticals


Cerenis Therapeutics and University of North Texas Health Science Center have announced a strategic initiative to develop new HDL-based pharmaceutical products

Strategic collaboration to develop HDL based pharmaceuticals

Cerenis Therapeutics, an international biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of HDL-based innovative therapies for treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, as well as new HDL-based vectors for targeted drug delivery in the field of oncology and HDL platform technologies, has signed a strategic partnership with the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

This joint programme will focus on the development of new HDL drug delivery products and technologies taking advantage of the unique properties of apoA-I and HDL, nature’s universal molecular targeting delivery system.

The joint programme titled the ‘HDL Drug Delivery Initiative’ will leverage the expertise of Cerenis and the research group led by Dr Andras Lacko, Professor of Physiology and Anatomy at UNT Health Science Center.

Dr Lacko’s research has long focused on the use of nanoparticles to deliver anti-cancer drugs directly to tumours while avoiding damage to healthy cells to spare patients the harmful side effects of chemotherapy.

The joint programme in HDL research and drug development will bring new products to patients in a diligent and efficient way. The Initiative will be well positioned to become a leading centre developing new strategies to address difficult-to-treat patients utilising a unique HDL nanoparticle platform.

HDL particles as biocompatible adaptive carriers loaded with active agents hold promise to target and selectively kill malignant cells while avoiding healthy ones.

A wide variety of drugs can be embedded in these particles targeting markers specific to cancer cells and bring these potent drugs to their intended site of action, with lowered systemic toxicity.

Cerenis intends to develop the first HDL-based targeting drug delivery platform dedicated to the oncology market, including immuno-oncology and chemotherapy.

Jean-Louis Dasseux, CEO of CERENIS Therapeutics, commented: “We are delighted to work with the University of North Texas Health Science Center, a leading academic center in the US, and with Professor Lacko, a prominent pioneering physician in the development of HDL delivery systems for cancer therapies. This partnership will focus on innovative solutions for the targeted drug delivery market."

As part of the agreement, Dr Lacko’s research group will conduct early preclinical research activities related to the development of new drug complexes based on HDL platforms.

This work will include developing further understanding of the physical/chemical properties relevant to creating an HDL-based carrier, developing new strategies to trap biologically active molecules within HDL, optimising the structure of HDL complexes and demonstrating the activity, efficacy and advantages of the HDL complexes in cell models.

Dr Lacko, added: “Our collaboration will focus on the development of new drug delivery systems based on HDL in order to deliver pharmaceutically active ingredients to specifically targeted cells."

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"We are very enthusiastic about this strategic collaboration and pleased to be working closely with the experienced management team at Cerenis Therapeutics. We are enthusiastic to be part of the “HDL Drug Delivery Initiative” as Cerenis is well positioned to move forward into immuno-oncology and chemotherapeutic drug delivery and to become a leading targeted HDL drug delivery company.”