Syngene G:BOX simplifies gel or blot imaging

Five analysers set for launch in March

Syngene is set to launch five G:BOX image analysers next month, which the Cambridge, UK-based firm says will make the imaging of all types of gel or blot a simple process.

The new G:BOX image analysis range is supplied with high-resolution, cooled cameras and touch-screen GeneSys image capture software.

New models for the G:BOX range

The G:BOX allows researchers accurately to image any combination of commercial fluorescent and visible dyes with the device’s built-in UV and white lighting or Syngene’s optional red, blue, green and infrared LED lighting modules, which can be clipped into the G:BOX lighting gantry.

The GeneSys software uses a database, (which is constantly being updated) of imaging conditions for hundreds of commercially available DNA, RNA and protein dyes. This intelligent software suggests and can automatically instruct the G:BOX to set up the correct filters and lighting conditions for any commercial imaging stain, enabling the user to generate high-quality images of even complex multiplex gels and blots.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s divisional manager, said: ‘The new G:BOX systems and GeneSys software are the result of two years’ research, and unlike any other imaging equipment they allow users who know what they have stained their gel or blot with to be guided rapidly to their best filters and lighting set-up.’