Synpromics expands facilities to meet demand for revolutionary gene control technology


Synpromics Ltd, the leader in gene control and synthetic promoter development, has moved to new world-class facilities at the Roslin Innovation Centre

Synpromics is expanding to meet increasing global demand for its cutting-edge gene control technology, and is the first company to move into the new custom-built centre based at the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus.

David Venables, CEO of Synpromics, explained: “Our move to Roslin is the result of two incredibly successful years for the company. In 2017 alone, we’ve signed gene therapy deals with a large, orphan disease pharma company and, most recently, with a US biotech specialising in gene editing and developing rare disease gene therapies.”

“We’ve also signed bioprocessing deals with a top 10 pharma company and a global CDMO. Currently, the company has more than ten active commercial gene therapy programmes and five bioprocessing programmes under way.”

"During that time, Synpromics’ team has grown by more than 100% and is one of our greatest assets. We look forward to working in our new high tech facilities as we continue to build the company for the future.”

CSO and founder of Synpromics, Dr Michael Roberts, added that “the company’s recent successes have been greatly accelerated by our revolutionary PromPT technology. PromPT is our unique bioinformatics engine, the culmination of more than 10 years of work, to enable data-driven synthetic promoter design.”

“It has been hugely important in helping us build an extensive IP portfolio, for both our partners and ourselves, and is of substantial commercial value. We are particularly pleased with the suite of tightly regulated inducible promoters that we have created using our platform, and the excitement they generated at The Bioprocessing Summit in Boston this year.”

Dr John Brown, Chairman of Synpromics, also announced that the company is expanding its Board. “We’re delighted to welcome Dr Alan Lamont to Synpromics as a non-executive director. Alan has extensive experience that will be extremely valuable to us as we grow. He’s held senior corporate and business development roles with leading UK and US companies including Acambis, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and Mundipharma International.

The Roslin Innovation Centre is a multi-purpose building offering 41,000 sq. ft of flexible laboratory and office space. Synpromics will occupy both labs and open plan offices at the new facility.

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John Mackenzie, CEO of Roslin Innovation Centre, said: “Synpromics, as one of the UK’s most innovative companies working in gene medicine, is an ideal fit for our profile. Synpromics’ innovation has been attracting attention within the life sciences community and we look forward to providing an environment conducive for the business to realise its long-term growth ambition.”