Tablet Compression Resource launches new training opportunities


Training days on June 8, July 27 and September 14, 2017 include test formulation, documentation advice and troubleshooting

Tablet Compression Resource (TCR), a New York-based division of Natoli Engineering Company specialising in training tablet press operators, has launched new training courses in 2017 at their Long Island, Holbrook facility (US).

These opportunities include a full-day tablet manufacturing seminar; no-cost open houses for formulation troubleshooting; and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) creation and optimisation.

Documentation Day

June 8

The one-day, no-cost open house invites participants to bring in current SOPs for review or receive instructions on creating new procedures.

Attendees can talk with industry experts Stephen Natoli and Rosario Palminteri to discuss the inspection, cleaning, maintenance and handling of tablet compression tools and production tablet presses.

Tablet Manufacturing and Troubleshooting Seminar

July 27

The full-day seminar includes hands-on learning experiences including basic tablet press set-up and operating a press.

Attendees can learn how to identify and prevent tablet defects, inspect and maintain their tablet compression tooling, and identify and repair common tooling wear.

Tooling technicians, tablet press operators and tablet press maintenance technicians are among those who will benefit from the seminar.

Bring Your Blend

September 14

Attendees can run new or troublesome formulation on a Natoli NP-400 tablet press or the single-station Natoli NP-RD10.

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Also available is instant feedback from on-site experts, along with suggestions for improving tabletability and other common tablet compression issues.

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