Telstar adds new Lyobeta pilot-scale freeze dryer to line-up

For small-scale formulation, research and development work

The LyoBeta pilot-scale freeze dryer is specifically designed for small scale formulation, research and development work

The Telstar Lyobeta laboratory freeze-dryers are for use in experimentation, research and formulation to develop recipes in pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes. The new version of the Lyobeta, which offers the flexibility, performance and small footprint required in a laboratory unit, incorporates developments related to process control, including a PLC-based control system and improvements to control and programming capabilities, management software and interface features.

Telstar says Lyobeta bridges the gap in the market that in the past was filled with large-size laboratory equipment.

In addition to the features of the previous Lyobeta, the new series offers a more user-friendly interface; a wider 6.5in colour touch screen LCD, a more extensive range of interfaces to external devices for monitoring and archiving purposes; improved SCADA-based management software; new options, such as control of the process by means of weight variation of the product, additional temperature sensors and a simplified installation procedure.

The Lyobeta is produced in batches as a series product but offers numerous options to configure the product to customer requirements. It is available in 4 models, with 0.45, 0.6, 0.75 and 0.9m2 of shelf surface area that can be temperature-regulated in the range -60ºC to +80ºC. A cascade refrigeration system using ecological refrigerants cools the shelves and feeds a -80ºC condenser.

The new Lyobeta will be launched at the Analytica exhibition in Munich, which takes place in April.