Telstar unveils new compact GMP production freeze dryer

Published: 24-Apr-2019

Equipment provides conventional workspace with up to 20% smaller footprint than a standard lyophiliser

Telstar has released Lyomega SV, a new single-vessel GMP production freeze dryer equipment. The engineering and manufacturing company said the unit is a compact solution designed to optimise the usable technical area in facilities with limited space.

Upon installation, Lyomega SV is optimised to maintain conventional workspace while making the footprint up to 20% smaller than a lyophiliser with standard external condenser configuration.

Telstar explains: "The integration of the chamber and condenser allows a reduced and optimised size ranging from 4 sqm to 30 sqm (40 sqm - pit mounted) whose chamber contains a high capacity workspace of product shelves area."

The new version of the compact GMP clinical and production-scale freeze dryer accommodates also a condenser of high capacity, up to 570 kg, integrated under the product chamber.

Moreover, the unit is fitted with a side gimbal door, which requires half the space of a regular hinged door. Telstar said this allows easy access for maintenance procedures and also provides improved operational handling.

The unit is also equipped with a versatile refrigeration system based on mechanical refrigeration (compressors) or liquid nitrogen (LN2). And the external side of the vessel also contains a dimple jacket to provide a fast cooling after SIP.

According to Telstar, the thermal system guarantees higher performance and operational efficiency saving water consumption.

Lyomega SV belongs to the Telstar’s customised range of GMP production freeze dryers designed to operate under aseptic conditions.

The compact single-vessel unit has been adapted to include the unique vial automatic loading and unloading system Lyogistics Zero, the only system that can be cleaned (CIP) and sterilised (SIP) in place, inside the freeze dryer chamber.

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