The sensing future days are back

Published: 6-Oct-2020

IMA Group is a global leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals. Its subsidiary IMA DIGITAL, hosting the next Sensing Future Days, aims to promote the industry on digital activities and innovative services for the manufacturing world

Just a few months after the successful debut of the very first virtual events marked by innovation, manufacturing processes and top trending topics during the time of social distancing, IMA is back again with a new edition of the Sensing Future Days.

This time we will dive into the world of IMA DIGITAL, the Corporate Project for Processing and Packaging 4.0, which has already risen to 5.0.

As for the past editions, experts in the Digital Industry and established academics will be making their scientific contribution blended with our technological expertise to give an all-round view of the digital industrial scenario.

Just a small preview into the agenda of these two intensive days:

Digital Production: we will discuss how to increase production results with IMA Connected Machines, how to monitor production trends with IMA Sentinel and how to improve results with IMA Digital Room Services.

A focus on Big Data & Artificial Intelligence will take visitors through the world of data re-processing to increase production flow efficiency.

Digital Security: production data protection against cyber-attacks with A4GATE, the hardware and software device to secure information.

Digital Operations: IMA’s answer to accelerate the delivery of a future plant includes IMA Virtual Commissioning to solve design errors during the design phase, IMA Virtual Mock-up to find out how to follow ergonomic needs of your operators, and IMA Remote FAT to check machine performances remotely.

Digital Servitization to implement digital solutions and make traditional troubleshooting & changeover more efficient. Adopting the IMA Smart Service Suite App and IMA Customer Service Portal means speeding up workshop operations, while IMA Remote Assistance is the must have for remote support. Operators training with IMA Digital Classrooms provide skills, more confidence and increased competences thanks to IMA Virtual Trainings and IMA Augmented Virtual & Reality Tools.

As the last topic, we will speak about Cobotics, to know more about our available offer, the future of collaborative robotics, the architectures for safety and the Human-Machine Interaction.

Did you miss the past Sensing Future Days sessions? Watch them on the On Demand area of our website.

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