Tornado Plus heats, cools and stirs viscous samples in parallel


Saves fumehood space, costs and increases productivity

Radleys’ Tornado Plus System is a new synthesis solution for stirring viscous samples and for the dispersion of delicate solids in solution when conventional magnetic stirring is not suitable.

The Saffron Walden, Essex, UK-based firm says the Tornado Plus allows scientists to use a single overhead stirrer simultaneously to deliver high-torque mechanical stirring to six round-bottom flasks from 50 to 250ml, including flasks with one or two sidearms, internal baffles and special azeotropic flask options.

The Tornado saves fumehood space, costs and increases productivity by up to 600%, compared with conventional set-ups, the firm claims.

Tornado also provides controlled heating and cooling from -65°C to +180°C, making it suitable for crystallisation studies, process optimisation, polymer research or the synthesis of building blocks.

The equipment features a Peek ‘pinch-grip’ stirrer guide mechanism, which allows rapid, tool-free exchange of stirrer shafts and operation under an inert atmosphere. There is a choice of centrifugal, anchor or propeller style PTFE stirrers, which are matched to each flask size.

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An expanded range of wide neck flasks, featuring Radleys’ ‘quick coupling’, allows easier removal of viscous or solid samples and the use of larger stirrer blades.