TriRx publishes 'Insights into the Evolution of a Changing Pharmaceutical Market'


The survey results explore supply chain challenges, demand volatility, dosage form trends, and more after a dramatic year

Newly released survey results offer insights into current product lifecycle supply chain challenges experienced by innovator and generics pharmaceutical organisations, disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, personnel staffing strains, future market directions, and more.

Pharmaceutical executives shared views on:

  • The most difficult product lifecycle supply chain stages
  • Greatest challenges at the development, the manufacturing/packaging, sell stage, and sourcing stages
  • Leading pandemic-related industry supply chain impacts
  • Most implemented solutions to address supply chain challenges
  • Current dosage form trends

The results of this survey are an interesting window into both long-existing industry challenges, issues worsened by the volatility of the pandemic, and the evolutions of a changing market.

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