USA remains top priority for new drug launches


More than 80% of surveyed pharmaceutical companies begin their new product launch sequences in the world's largest drug market.

Follow the money! That's the approach that drug companies take when they arrange their new product launch sequences.

A recent study published by Cutting Edge Information found that 84% of surveyed pharmaceutical companies target the US in their major first market wave, meaning they launch their product first in America.

The analysis includes spending, staffing, and internal co-ordination. Report highlights include

  • benchmarks on global launch sequencing
  • spending by function before, during and after launch
  • data showing number of managed market account managers during the launch window
  • trends in health economics delivery channels to external stakeholders.

Among European companies, Germany and the UK are most commonly part of first wave launches, at 63% and 61%, respectively, among surveyed companies' launch sequences.

In Canada, launches are evenly split among study participants between the first and second waves. Larger emerging market economies such as India and Russia see launches spread across multiple waves, with many drug manufacturers choosing third waves or later for those countries.

According to the study, Managing Market Access Launch Activities: Benchmarking Product Commercialization and Cross-Functional Coordination, France, Italy and Spain are predominantly part of second wave launches.

Latin American markets are also primarily included in second- and third-wave launch targets, with the exception of larger markets, such as Brazil and Mexico, which are more product dependent.

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‘How pharmaceutical companies approach launch sequencing can have a major impact on launch sequences, especially in later waves,’ said Jacob Presson, data team leader at Cutting Edge Information. ‘Marginal gains can be extremely significant at this time during the launch sequencing process.’