Ubichem Group adds manufacturing site in Hungary

To produce fine chemicals in large quantities and expand presence in non-pharma sector

Ubichem Group has acquired a 55,000m2 facility in Budapest, Hungary, enabling it to produce fine chemicals in multi-ton quantities.

The new plant also expands Ubichem Group’s presence in the non-pharma sector.

Ubichem Pharma Manufacturing will be producing starting materials, intermediates and other fine chemical products for pharma and non-pharma applications at the plant.

‘This new plant represents a milestone in Ubichem history,’ says chief executive József Répási. ‘From now on we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services from process r&d through pilot-scale cGMP API manufacture to high-volume manufacturing.’

He added: ‘We believe we have a competitive edge over intermediate manufacturers based in Asia by leveraging a highly skilled talent pool of chemists and by meeting high quality expectations and strict deadlines for our customers.’