Unit-dose spray for delivery of Subsys launched in US


Aptar Pharma worked with Insys Therapeutics to develop the device

Sublingual unit-dose spray for the delivery of Subsys

Sublingual unit-dose spray for the delivery of Subsys

Drug delivery device specialist Aptar Pharma has worked with specialist pharmaceutical firm Insys Therapeutics of Phoenix, Arizona, US to develop a sublingual Unit-Dose Spray (UDS) device for the delivery of Subsys, which has been launched in the US.

Subsys (fentanyl) sublingual spray is indicated for the treatment of breakthrough cancer pain (BTCP) in opioid-tolerant adult patients who are already routinely taking other pain medicines around-the-clock.

BTCP is often defined as a temporary flare in pain that can be quite severe. These flares occur in the context of background pain that is otherwise well controlled with opioids. They occur in approximately a third of patients being treated for cancer and up to 80% of patients with later stage disease.

Until now, fentanyl has been available in many dosage forms including nasal, sublingual dissolving tablets and oral transmucosal, but Aptar says Subsys is the first unit-dose sublingual spray for the drug.

Insys Therapeutics’ president and ceo Michael Babich said: ‘This launch represents a significant milestone for Insys Therapeutics as it is our first branded product to be introduced to the market. We look forward to continuing our commitment of developing and commercialising innovative products in the area of supportive care.

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‘Our initial trust in Aptar Pharma and the firm’s collaborative spirit as a delivery and development partner were key in helping to get Subsys to market.’