Vaxxas research project aims to advance next-generation technology for polio vaccine delivery

Published: 16-Sep-2014

World Health Organisation to fund the project

Vaxxas, a privately owned biotechnology company focused on enhancing the performance of vaccines, has initiated a research project to evaluate its Nanopatch platform for the delivery of polio vaccine. The Nanopatch induces robust immune system activation by targeting vaccine to the abundant immunological cells immediately below the surface of the skin.

The World Health Organization (WHO) will provide funding to support the research, specifically for pre-clinical studies and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Following the successful completion of the research, and all subsequent necessary clinical development and regulatory approvals, Vaxxas would have the opportunity to supply Nanopatches to help secure a lasting polio-free world.

Concerted efforts to eradicate the disease have reduced incidence by more than 99%, and efforts are being intensified to eradicate the remaining strains of transmission once and for all.

'The Nanopatch doesn’t need to be kept refrigerated to maintain its efficacy – a tremendously important factor for the transportation and application of polio vaccine in the remote regions of the world where eradication efforts are most challenging,' said David Hoey, CEO of Vaxxas.

'The research we are undertaking with WHO’s support aims to provide better vaccine solutions to reach all children anywhere with this life-saving health intervention.'

Vaxxas was founded in August 2011 with the completion of a $15m Series A equity financing. In late 2012 the company opened a commercialisation office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to expand access to global pharmaceutical partners and complement the company’s research and development operations based in Queensland, Australia.

Vaxxas plans to license its Nanopatch technology to global pharmaceutical companies as well as advance vaccine candidates on its own. The company is currently collaborating with Merck & Co to evaluate, develop and commercialise the Nanopatch vaccine delivery platform for undisclosed vaccine candidates developed by Merck.

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