Vetter wins two coveted awards

Leading CDMO is granted both the WorldStar Award for Vetter-Ject and a 2016 CMO Leadership Award

The World Packaging Organization (WPO) has awarded Vetter, a leading contract manufacturing and development organisation (CDMO), the WorldStar Award 2016 for its syringe closure system Vetter-Ject. At the same time, Vetter is proud to have also been awarded a CMO Leadership Award 2016 in four categories.

The WorldStar competition is one of the major events of the WPO, and its award represents the pre-eminent international award in packaging. Vetter has now won four internationally recognised awards for a product only released in July 2015. Two of the awards, won prior to the product's launch, include the IF Design Award, and the Red Dot Design Award. Recently, Vetter-Ject won the 'German Packaging Award 2015'.

The WorldStar competition is open to any pack or packaging material that has won a recognised or domestic international award related to packaging in either 2014 or 2015. Winning of the German Packaging Award 2015 assured Vetter’s submission to the WorldStar competition. Representatives from 19 packaging associations judged 293 projects entered into the competition from 35 countries. The judging session took place over two days in October 2015 as part of the 95th WPO Board Meeting activities. Vetter had previously won the WorldStar award in 1998 for the Vetter Lyo-Ject dual chamber syringe.

'Winning this award, certainly one of the most prestigious in the field of global packaging, is very gratifying to Vetter, and yet another affirmation of the value that Vetter-Ject brings to the biopharmaceutical industry,' said Dr Claus Feussner, Senior Vice President, Vetter Development Service. 'The three awards we had already received, combined with the WorldStar Award, are a validation of the novel design and technological advances of Vetter-Ject.' Since its introduction in July, Vetter has had positive feedback both from the market and our customers about this system.

Vetter-Ject offers more options for filling highly sensitive compounds. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly developing drugs that incorporate sensitive and complex compounds. Administering these drugs requires an injection system that can be used flexibly while being safe and simple to handle. Vetter-Ject is such a system, consisting of a needle hub and a needle shield.

Due to the baked-in siliconisation process for the glass barrel, less silicon oil than commonly used is necessary, making Vetter-Ject particularly suitable for silicone-sensitive drug products. The silicon content of the syringe can also be adjusted according to the requirements of the customer. Thus, the amount of silicon used, as well as the related particle load, can be reduced by up to 80% compared with the standard siliconisation process applied to conventional syringe systems.

Vetter-Ject is ready-to-use with an integrated needle that is simple to handle and user-friendly. The tamper-evident closure enables that any attempt at opening of the closure system will be immediately and permanently visible to the naked eye. Vetter-Ject can be used with a wide range of primary packaging options like different stoppers and glass barrels, which can be customised according to the needs of the drug product.

Winner of a 2016 CMO Leadership Award in four categories

The efficient vetting of potential CMO partners is a difficult experience for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical executives. To assist in this process, Life Science Leader magazine created the CMO Leadership Awards. More than 80 contract manufacturers were assessed by 26 performance metrics in Industry Standard Research’s (ISR) annual Contract Manufacturing Quality Benchmarking survey. For 2016, Vetter was named the winner in four categories including, quality, capabilities, expertise and compatibility.

'Vetter is pleased to be a recipient of this award, particularly since it is a direct reflection of our customers’ experience in having worked right alongside us,' said Peter Soelkner, Managing Director. 'Their nomination and the granting of the award is a clear indication to Vetter that we continue to exceed the expectations of our peers in areas of critical importance to their business.'

Unlike other industry awards that are based on a subjective voting or nomination process, only votes from companies that have co-operated on an outsourced project within the past 18 months in using CMO services are counted.

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