ViroCyt acquired by Sartorius

Published: 15-Jul-2016

A major roadblock in the development of virus-based products is the lack of real-time quantification methods

ViroCyt, a leader in rapid virus quantification, has been acquired by Sartorius, a leading international pharmaceutical and laboratory tools provider. The approximate valuation of the transaction is $16m.

The importance of viruses as both a health threat and as a tool for addressing a growing list of diseases continues to increase at a significant pace. Examples include new viral vaccines, protein therapeutics derived from viruses and the use of viruses as gene delivery vectors.

A major roadblock in the development of products created either directly from viruses or indirectly using virus-based systems, has been the lack of real-time virus quantification methods.

In response to this unmet need, ViroCyt has developed and commercialised a suite of products that enable the direct, biologically specific quantification of viruses in minutes, rather than the days or weeks required by more traditional approaches.

‘We are adding a very innovative bioanalytical tool to our Lab Products & Services portfolio that will enable our customers to obtain lab results much faster and reduce the time to clinic for virus-based pharmaceuticals,’ said Michael Melingo, member of the Sartorius Group Executive Committee.

Added Robert Kline, ViroCyt President and CEO: ‘The worldwide reach and outstanding reputation of Sartorius will accelerate the adoption of the Virus Counter technology. ViroCyt is proud to join the Sartorius family and the partnership is a positive development for our customers, employees and shareholders.’

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