Webinar providing training to accurately interpret DMA curves

METTLER TOLEDO will offer a comprehensive e-training course, DMA Curve Interpretation, to help interested parties learn to interpret curves created by dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)

Real-time interaction with METTLER TOLEDO experts will enhance understanding of this important thermal-analysis tool.

The live segment will be offered three times on 29 November 29th, 2017, to allow participation from around the globe. The course includes self-paced learning that can be completed at any time.

Both the live session and self-paced modules are offered for a one-time course fee of $100.

DMA yields information about the mechanical properties of viscoelastic materials as a function of time, temperature and frequency. The measured properties are examined to characterise mechanical relaxations, phase transitions and chemical reactions.

Interpretation of DMA modulus and phase results with respect to frequency, time and temperature can be complicated. Correct curve interpretation is important for drawing the right conclusions about material properties in both R&D and quality control.

The two-part webinar will cover how to optimise experiment parameters and use other thermal analysis techniques such as DSC, TGA and TMA to obtain additional insight.

Examples will include isotropic materials and non-isotropic composites, such as fibre reinforced polymers and laminates. Both individual measurement interpretation and scanned measurement interpretation will be reviewed.