Pall and Broadley-James to deliver next generation single-use sensor technologies to the life science market

Published: 12-Mar-2019

Pall, a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, has partnered with Broadley-James Corporation, a renowned sensor technology provider, to integrate and distribute Broadley-James’ advanced single-use probe and flow cell pH sensors

With applications across upstream and downstream unit operations, the sensor will be integrated into Pall Biotech’s single-use (SU) technologies, as well as other commercially available bioprocessing platforms.

“Pall’s single-use bioprocessing know-how and Broadley-James’ expertise in sensor development have proven complementary in addressing critical customer pain points in modern bioprocessing,” explained Martin Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Pall Corporation.

“In particular, the new single-use pH sensor solution allows us to offer customers the robustness of traditional sensor technologies integrated into their single-use systems.”

The novel SU pH sensors leverage widely accepted glass electrochemical technology, the only method that meets international standards for pH measurement.

The design includes a calibrated buffer storage environment for the sensor to eliminate previous constraints during the preintegration of glass pH sensors into consumables. Users will be able to operate in closed systems, without sacrificing performance.

“Customers currently rely on calibration data gathered before the sensor is sterilised, which can affect the measurement accuracy,” said Robert Garrahy, Vice-President at Broadley-James.

“Our patent-pending new storage solutions design features a known pH buffer, enabling robust preuse calibration. By pairing trusted technology with cutting-edge design, we are able to offer the best balance of risk reduction and performance.”

The Broadley-James single-use probe and flow cell pH sensors are currently in beta testing and, when launched, will be available exclusively through Pall Biotech. Parallel technical and process development support is also available to optimise use of this new technology.

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