SGD Pharma extends its ready-to-use Sterinity glass vial range for parenteral applications

Published: 11-Oct-2023

SGD Pharma has announced the latest expansion to its Sterinity range of ready-to-use (RTU) Type I moulded glass vials

SGD Pharma announces the latest expansion of its Sterinity range of ready-to-use (RTU) Type I moulded glass vials.

The launch of additional sizes will offer customers increased flexibility as a result of the extended portfolio. 

Demand for high-value parenteral drugs has increased dramatically in recent years, placing more pressure on pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their time to market.

SGD Pharma’s range of RTU Sterinity vials offer customers an efficient solution to the lengthy stages of vial-sterilisation and provides the flexibility they require to prioritise patient safety and distribute medicines significantly faster.

Furthermore, by outsourcing the sterilisation process, SGD Pharma’s compliant Sterinity range reduces total cost of ownership (TCO). 

This latest range extension is the result of customer requests for 10 mL and 20 mL high-quality sterile vial offerings for aseptic fill/finish of parenteral drugs.

The full Sterinity portfolio now includes sizes 10, 20, 50, 100 mL ISO and 20, 25, 50 EasyLyo, giving customers access to high-quality solutions from SGD Pharma that have been adapted to suit a wide variety of applications and accommodate the needs of many customer markets, including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, compounding pharmacies, hospitals and veterinary clinics. 

SGD Pharma remains the first global manufacturer to offer RTU moulded glass vials for injectable drugs and this range extension means it continues to offer customers the widest size selection on the market in multiple formats.

Its Sterinity range of RTU vials brings together the industry leadership collaboration benefits of manufacturing (SGD Pharma) and sterilisation (Stevanato).

Sterinity is a cost-effective solution for parenteral products requiring an aseptic fill and finish environment that offers increased quality, patient safety and flexibility for both large and small batches.

Stevanato’s industry recognised EZ fill packaging platform supports RTU processes, eliminating upfront washing, depyrogenation and sterilisation steps. 

Carole Grassi Mircich, Chief Commercial Marketing and Innovation Officer, asserts: “SGD Pharma has a proven record of quickly addressing the evolving pharmaceutical packaging needs of its customers."

"Our Sterinity range extension comes at a time when global demand for parenteral drugs is at its peak. Our convenient new 10 mL and 20 mL ISO moulded glass vials in tray, provide an optimal packaging solution for biologics and innovative treatments that require glass vials for parenteral use."

"SGD Pharma will continue to innovate and produce high-quality primary glass packaging for our customers and partners, maintaining our position as global industry leader."

Customers needing lyophilised vials benefit from the robustness and resistance of EasyLyo glass vials in the Sterinity range.

Suitable for extreme conditions encountered during the lyophilisation process, they combine the strength of moulded glass with superior aesthetics quality and weight reduction.

SGD Pharma’s moulded glass vials also have many distributional advantages, the chemical inertness of moulded glass protects drug stability, which reduces particle generation to protect patient safety. 


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