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MDC and SMi secure grant to detect cancer biomarkers

It will transform their use for routine cancer screening and enable monitoring of treatment efficacy in real time

Poolbeg announces strategic expansion of POLB 001 into oncology

Complements strong initial data from LPS challenge trial and is in line with stated objective at IPO to expand POLB 001 to additional indications

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Clearing the air after half a century of containment

The past 50 years have seen a transformation in clean air and containment technology, turning it into a thriving industry. Envair’s Gary Bagshaw us...

Oxford Ebola vaccine manufactured and shipped to Uganda

40,000 doses of Oxford’s Ebola vaccine have been manufactured by SII (Serum Institute of India) in 60 days

NeoVac and CPI partner next-generation RNA vaccine technology

CPI will develop scalable processes and manufacture clinical-grade batches of RNA-LNP product, focusing initially on doses to tackle new and emerge...

It’s just a wipe! Not in a cleanroom it isn’t!

Part II of a two-part article in which Karen Rossington, European Marketing Manager at Contec Inc., examines why cleanrooms and other controlled en...

Cleanroom Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live events set to go ahead

The co-located events will go ahead in October with new safety measures in place, after being postponed from their original date at the start of su...

Poolbeg Pharma completes clinical trials for viral strain agnostic

LPS acts as a surrogate for the hyperinflammatory response associated with severe influenza and other diseases

Evonik launches plant-based squalene to boost vaccine efficacy

It meets the demand for a secure commercial supply of non-animal-derived squalene

It’s just a wipe! Not in a cleanroom it isn’t!

Part I of a two-part article by Karen Rossington, European Marketing Manager at Contec Inc., that examines why cleanrooms and other controlled envi...

The nanozyme that uses light to kill bacteria

Scientists at the RMIT University in Australia have created a nanozyme with antimicrobial properties with huge potential applications. Angharad Bal...

Agios Pharmaceuticals launches with Almac Group

Product is the first disease-modifying therapy for Hemolytic Anaemia in adults with Pyruvate Kinase (PK) deficiency

Taking HEPA filter integrity tests to a new level

Dr Thomas Kosian, Senior Expert in Barrier Systems at Syntegon, and Dr-Ing. Christian Dorfner, Head of R&D at InfraSolution, discuss how the two c...

Sanofi and GSK’s COVID-19 booster vaccine approved by the European Commission

First and only next-generation protein-based adjuvanted COVID-19 booster approved in Europe, named VidPrevtyn Beta

Future-proofing cleanroom containment technology: considerations for 2022

Driven by the rise in demand for biologics manufacturing support, particularly the increased need for vaccine filling, the global aseptic pharma pr...