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AC Valve Alliance and Jungmann partner to enhance hygienic safety valves

AC Valve Alliance and Jungmann Armaturen have announced a collaboration to provide CE and FDA certified hygienic safety valves for the food, bevera...

Validair Monitoring Solutions rebrands as FMS

The rebranding is set to better align the company's business with "strong growth in diverse market sectors”

Synexa joins CEPI to "advance global epidemic preparedness"

This strategic partnership represents a significant milestone in Synexa's commitment to global health security

How serious is the Pirola strain?

Following the recent news of gradually increasing cases of the new COVID-19 variant Pirola, we sat down with Moderna's VP of Medical Affairs Cesar...

Stablepharma publishes peer-reviewed article on world’s first fridge-free Tetanus diphtheria vaccine

Full recovery of vaccine potency, after 7–10 months at 45°C, was shown by complete protection against supra-lethal doses of active toxins

Partnership advances antibody therapies in immunology

Genmab and argenx have entered a multiyear collaboration, bringing together capabilities to jointly discover, develop and commercialise antibody th...

Maintaining cleanrooms in a validated state

Well-controlled cleanrooms are essential to the successful production of many products in the life science industry, particularly those manufacture...

Cleanroom Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live events set to go ahead

The co-located events will go ahead in October with new safety measures in place, after being postponed from their original date at the start of su...

Biggest overhaul of trial regulation for 20 years

A series of new measures will be introduced by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) with support from partners

Study published on "ultrapotent" SARS neutralising antibodies

The bioRxiv preprint details a novel, highly potent, anti-S2 camelid single-domain antibody

Clearing the air after half a century of containment

The past 50 years have seen a transformation in clean air and containment technology, turning it into a thriving industry. Envair’s Gary Bagshaw us...

The nanozyme that uses light to kill bacteria

Scientists at the RMIT University in Australia have created a nanozyme with antimicrobial properties with huge potential applications. Angharad Bal...

MDC and SMi secure grant to detect cancer biomarkers

It will transform their use for routine cancer screening and enable monitoring of treatment efficacy in real time

It’s just a wipe! Not in a cleanroom it isn’t!

Part II of a two-part article in which Karen Rossington, European Marketing Manager at Contec Inc., examines why cleanrooms and other controlled en...

Poolbeg announces strategic expansion of POLB 001 into oncology

Complements strong initial data from LPS challenge trial and is in line with stated objective at IPO to expand POLB 001 to additional indications

It’s just a wipe! Not in a cleanroom it isn’t!

Part I of a two-part article by Karen Rossington, European Marketing Manager at Contec Inc., that examines why cleanrooms and other controlled envi...