Tailor-made solutions for biocatalytic applications for everyone in chemistry?

Published: 5-Mar-2014

Enzymicals acts with an interdisciplinary team as an innovator in the development of efficient, sustainable, cost-effective and scalable chemo-biocatalytic processes

Biocatalysis is used in a number of areas of chemistry but there are other fields in science and industry where a gap between chemistry and biochemistry exists. In these industrial fields extensive experience and established methods e.g. for production of fine and special chemicals are present and proven long term on an industrial scale. This makes it difficult for biocatalysis to gain a foothold in new areas although much can be improved by new technologies.

It is now time for chemistry to overcome the challenges of our time and to build a bridge between methods of classic chemistry and the new opportunities offered by biocatalysis.

Enzymicals acts with an interdisciplinary team as an innovator in the development of resource efficient, sustainable, cost-effective and scalable chemo-biocatalytic routes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. With its services and products it supports customers and partners on the way to installing biocatalytic processes.

Enzymicals offers:

  • Identification, manufacturing and application of innovative biocatalysts;
  • Development of tailormade biocatalytic-processes for your required compounds;
  • Optimisation of reaction pathways and development of new synthetic routes;
  • Production of fine and special chemicals.

It is the company's aim to offer easy to use sets of biocatalysts and to achieve robust and economic biocatalytic processes. Enzymicals is convinced that this will lead to positive experiences for chemists which are the prerequisite for a broader application of biocatalysis in the chemical industry.

As an example of an easy way to get started, Enzymicals has developed an (R)-selective ω-transaminase 'ready to use' screening kit for asymmetric synthesis of chiral amines from ketones. The kit contains seven diverse catalysts, co-factors and co-substrates, reaction buffer, the needed enzyme cascade for an equilibrium shift and a well described protocol to perform the asymmetric synthesis of (R)-amines in less than 10 easy-to-perform steps. The users in the labs do not need special equipment or previous knowledge to find and choose the best performing enzyme for their desired conversion to a chiral amine.

Other screening kits from Enzymicals' catalogue can help in taking the first steps to biocatalytic processes. The company offers a broad range of enzymes suitable for research, development and production of fine and special chemicals. Furthermore, a unique selection of speciality and novel enzyme classes are used in exclusive customer projects.

The special features of Enzymicals biocatalytic applications are:

  • Unique feature in patented recombinant pig liver esterases;
  • A wide spectrum of (R)- and (S)-selective amine transaminases , Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases and microbial hydrolases;
  • In-house-projects (screenings, process developments) with additional enzyme classes e.g. with new halohydrin dehalogenases and imin reductases.

The company's service includes route scouting up to feasibility studies and final applications. Enzymicals is integrated into a network which covers the whole value chain from identification and improvement of biocatalysts, process development and optimisation to commercial production under GMP conditions, distribution and regulatory issues.

To ensure the work progresses quickly and smoothly Enzymicals' projects are structured in modular segments with individual milestones. In order to respond quickly and reliably to customer requests the services are prestructured. The work packages allow a short planning phase with an accurate time schedule and cost estimation. During the entire project, the company maintains a close contact with its customers and partners.

The company is sure that the ideal way to overcome the challenges of chemistry is to combine the best catalysts with an optimised chemistry and integrate processing aspects for effective solutions along the whole value chain.

If you are interested in biocatalytic opportunities for your target substance, please contact Enzymicals at E: info@enzymicals.com

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