To QP or not to QP... that is the question

Published: 16-Jul-2014

Seminar for the pharmaceutical industry, to learn about the role of the Qualified Person (QP) and Sponsor/Mentor

On Tuesday 30 September 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany, RSSL will be holding an event to explore what is involved in becoming a Qualified Person (QP) via the UK process, discussing the commitment, the training and the assessment process. The speaker will be Alex Hall, Ex-Chair of the RSC QP Assessors.

The seminar, which is free to attend, will also look at the importance of the sponsor as a mentor and the support they provide throughout the training process. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet fellow industry professionals and discuss the challenges that QPs face in industry today.

  • Are you an individual trying to decide whether to make this important career move?
  • Are you a manager considering the investment required to appoint or train a QP?
  • Have you been asked to be a sponsor/mentor?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, this is the ideal opportunity for you to learn more about what is involved and decide on your next steps.

Registration for this event opens at 9.15 for a 10.00 start. Topics include:

  • RSSL – An introduction and overview
  • The UK Route to becoming a Qualified Person – What is involved?
  • What makes a ‘good’ QP?
  • What it takes – The ‘inside story’! – From a recent alumni
  • The added dimension of training in the UK
  • What is in it for me? Opportunities for the QP
  • Expectations of QP sponsors/mentors
  • View from the ‘other side’ – A QP Assessor’s view

Lunch and refreshments throughout the day will be provided and the day will conclude at 15.30.

RSSL is a renowned provider of training services to the pharmaceutical industry, with a passionate emphasis on offering world class subject matter expertise alongside a great delegate experience. Its flagship Qualified Persons programme exemplifies this, and is regarded by many as the No.1 choice due to its flexibility, cost effectiveness and restricted group size.

For further information please contact Rachel Horton; T +44 (0)118 918 4168; E

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