Indena increases bespoke manufacturing capacity for HPAPIs

The Italian company has opened a kilolab at its facility in Settala

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Rousselot and Peptan build on innovation days success to boost customer-first strategy

Leading producer of gelatin and collagen peptides, Rousselot, started 2018 with a strong focus on innovation, in line ...

Antimicrobial therapy can prevent sepsis in pneumonia patients

Research sheds light on initial phase of infectious disease and potential for prevention of pneumococcal septicaemia

Highly potent APIs: hazards in classification and handling

This variability and subjective nature of classification means that the OEL is best considered as a tool for site risk ...

Collaboration to identify antibodies for cancer targets

Iontas and IGEM Therapeutics will work together to develop novel immunoglobulin E antibodoes

AbbVie and Eisai obtain additional approval for Humira

The monoclonal antibody, Humira, is used in the treatment of patients who have had an inadequate response to ...

Performance validation: HPAPI containment testing in a risk-based era

Taking a more automated approach to validation testing paves the way to capturing more repeatable and reliable data, ...

Deinove expands its innovative antibiotic portfolio

The programme developed by Redx Pharma focuses on a new class of antibiotics aimed at treating the most lethal ...

New facility for biopharmaceutical manufacturing in China

United BioPharma plans to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant to support the expanding monoclonal antibody ...

Taking a new look at topicals

Why transdermal formulations will be high on everyone’s agenda in 2018

Refocusing SPI Pharma

Antacid, excipient and drug delivery solutions provider SPI Pharma is making changes to optimise resources, establish a ...

Ardena acquires ChemConnection adding API expertise

CDMO Ardena has acquired ChemConnection, a specialist contract manufacturer of novel active pharmaceutical ingredients ...

Hovione sells iMAX business

Hovione has concluded the sale of all of the share capital of iMAX Diagnostic Imaging