Adents and Microsoft to introduce level 4 serialization software

Published: 27-Oct-2016

Adents Prodigi relies on advanced Microsoft Azure technologies and allows drug manufacturers to securely generate, exchange and control the huge amount of data created through unit identification

Adents, software developer for unique product identification (UPID) and track and trace solutions, and Microsoft, have combined efforts to jointly develop and commercialise a new cloud platform named Adents Prodigi.

Adents Prodigi is the only Level 4 traceability solution that can centrally manage regulatory requirements imposed on the pharmaceutical industry, as well as allow laboratories and CMOs to take advantage of the massive amounts of data generated during the serialisation and track and trace process.

Adents Prodigi opens up new horizons beyond regulatory compliance in terms of

  • unit identification and traceability
  • the fight against counterfeit medicines
  • OEE and productivity monitoring across production sites
  • enhanced user experience and personalised communication
  • real-time data visualisation and analysis.

The demand for unique product identification solutions, Adents’ area of expertise, is fuelled by a global increase in regulations, for instance, in the pharmaceutical industry where more than 80% of global drug production will need to be compliant with regulations regarding unit identification by 2019.

This new process offers extraordinary opportunities in terms of visibility on the life of products, but also represents a major challenge in terms of data management.

The Adents Prodigi platform also integrates data analysis (including Microsoft Power BI) and machine learning tools, providing powerful analytics capabilities for these new sources of information.

Adents Prodigi was developed collaboratively by a cross-disciplinary team of Adents and Microsoft experts, and can host business applications offered by third parties to fully exploit data stored on the platform. In total, Adents Prodigi stands as an ideal solution to ensure compliance with new regulations while efficiently mining and utilising new data to better manage production and distribution practices.

'Our alliance with the leader of business intelligence will be a game changer on the global market for unit identification. Indeed, this will finally give the pharmaceutical industry the means to tap into the full potential of the wealth of information generated through serialisation,' said Christophe Devins, founder and CEO of Adents.

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