Online demo platform for cloud based pharma serialisation solution

Published: 6-Feb-2018

Serialisation solutions specialist, Adents, launches user-friendly demo tool to test-drive signature cloud traceability solution, Adents Prodigi

Adents, a specialist provider of premier, versatile serialisation, and track and trace solutions, is launching an online demonstration tool showcasing Adents Prodigi, a cloud traceability solution that centrally manages pharmaceutical serialisation regulatory requirements across a comprehensive set of production and supply chain scenarios.

The new, free tool can be accessed by current and prospective Adents customers on its website.

The demo tool amounts to a test drive of Adents’ signature enterprise level (Level 4) serialisation solution. Visitors can experience various functionalities to discover ways in which Adents Prodigi may benefit their business.

The first of its kind for such a sophisticated, cloud based serialisation solution, the demo tool provides both insight and transparency, adding tangibility to the complex, multi-faceted track and trace arena.

The demo tool works in an easy-to-use if/then setup. Users can build and add manufacturing facilities, work with hypothetical trading partners, add or subtract regulations and target markets, and explore other situational factors that showcase Adents Prodigi’s ability to seamlessly handle a wide array of supply chain scenarios.

The demo also allows users to see how Adents Prodigi ties unit levels to bundles and pallets per the industry standard parent-child relationship.

Adents Prodigi entered the market as the only cloud traceability solution that can centrally manage regulatory requirements mandated in the pharmaceutical industry, connect multiple trading partners and allow pharmaceutical companies and CMOs to benefit from the massive amounts of data generated during the serialisation, and track and trace process.

Further, Adents Prodigi opens up new horizons beyond regulatory compliance, in terms of data analysis (including Microsoft Power BI), machine learning tools, or additional capabilities through existing in-house or third-party solutions.

“By offering this unique way of testing Adents Prodigi, we want to prove to the Life Science Market that they can address the challenges of connecting multiple trading partners, managing dozens of countries regulations and take advantage of their serialization data with a very user-friendly platform,” said Christophe Devins, CEO of Adents.

“Our 25 years of serialisation experience and close partnership with Microsoft’s development team gave us the keys to develop this best-in-class, versatile solution.”

Via Adents Prodigi, Adents became the first European provider to offer a certified Gateway to the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS).

Having joined the pilot programme, Adents is in the process of connecting Prodigi with the Russian Hub, and integration with Origin – a central data repository in the US operated by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) – is underway.

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