Advanced Characterisation Techniques for Solid Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Published: 30-May-2013

5 July 2013

PSSRC Open Day

University of Lille, France

Speakers at this event will address the characterisation of different forms of amorphous solids, analysis of solid dispersions with thermoanalytical techniques, methods to determine drug solubility in polymeric carriers, scanning white light interferometry, hyperspectral imaging, MRI characterisation of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms, X-ray tomography and terahertz pulsed spectroscopy and imaging, NIR spectroscopy, recent advances in Process Analytical Technology (PAT), more realistic models studying the fate of lipids in the gastro-intestinal tract, taste masking and the elucidation of drug release mechanisms.

Organiser: PSSRC Pharmaceutical Solid State Research Cluster

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