APGI Workshop on Oral Controlled Release

Published: 28-Nov-2016

The APGI (Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle) is organising for the first time a workshop dedicated to Oral Controlled Release Solid Dosage forms. This includes matrix systems as well as coated dosage forms, such as tablets, pellets and capsules. This workshop will give an update on the current state of the art of how to best formulate oral controlled release solid dosage forms. An overview on the available excipients, preparation techniques and apparatuses, characterisation methods and future strategies will be given by world-wide leading experts in the field.

Event venue: University of Lille, College of Pharmacy, 3 Rue du Professeur Laguesse, 59006 Lille, France

Organiser: Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle

Tel: +33-6-29366739

Email: apgi.asso@u-psud.fr

Web: www.apgi.org/workshops/ocr-ws-2017

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