Documentation complexity at crisis point?

Published: 12-Dec-2019

Do we focus too much on the paperwork, to the detriment of product and patients? Has documentation become so complex it’s become a dangerous distraction and your biggest risk? by Martin Lush

The latest white paper from NSF Health Sciences, written by Martin Lush, focuses on the hurdles pharmaceutical companies face dealing with paperwork. An excerpt is shown below and you can access the entire white paper here.

Three years ago, I met with a site head responsible for 2,300 people manufacturing five lifesaving (critical care) medicines. The site was struggling. For every person there were five SOPs. They had more paper than people!

Policies and SOPs had increased by over 1,000% in three years, but headcount had been reduced by 11%. That’s right, less people – more paperwork.

Click here to view and download the white paper

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