Elab Informatics appointed as LIMS distributor for Autoscribe Informatics in India

Published: 8-Nov-2023

Elab Informatics has been appointed as distributor of Autoscribe Informatics prestigious Matrix Gemini LIMS in India

Until now Elab Informatics has focused on growing its Lab Informatics consulting services. This agreement enables Elab to also sell and support Matrix Gemini LIMS software in addition to offering configuration and informatics consulting services to clients.

The comprehensive configuration tools built into Matrix Gemini allows Elab to tailor each LIMS to the exact needs of each client without the need for custom coding.

The tools use an intuitive "drag and drop’"workflow screen editor to create and modify unlimited numbers of screens, without the need for programming skills. In this way, the LIMS can be designed quickly to exactly match local user requirements.

Elab Informatics has quickly built a strong reputation in guiding clients through laboratory digitisation programmes, linking LIMS to instruments and corporate systems to drive efficiency and regulatory compliance.

The new agreement gives Elab access to the world’s most configurable software, which is perfect for their diverse spectrum of laboratory types, including research and development, quality control, biobanking, stability and environmental monitoring.

“The versatility of Matrix Gemini LIMS provides the perfect platform for consulting organisations such as Elab to dominate their chosen markets,” said John Boother, Autoscribe Informatics.

“India is predicted to be among the fastest growing economies during the next few years, with S&P Global predicting an average growth rate of 6.7% up to 2031."

"The combination of a fast-growing economy, Elab Informatics expertise and customer reach, and the flexibility of Matrix Gemini LIMS, provides a unique opportunity for Elab to grow their market share much faster than the already impressive growth rates across this region.”

“We are excited to be offering Matrix Gemini LIMS to our clients”, said Prashant Gandhi, founder and Director of Elab Informatics.

“The unusually flexible nature of Autoscribe’s software allows us to help our clients achieve their lab digitisation vision, drive automation and efficiency, and meet regulatory requirements across a broad section of industries."

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"Our already broad client base, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and environmental industries, will all benefit from the Low Code Development Platform (LCDP) on which Matrix is based."

"It allows us to rapidly configure LIMS solutions to fit client needs without resorting to software programming methods traditionally used. The result is faster deployments that are more easily supported in the field, and more upgradeable over the lifetime of the LIMS, reducing overall costs for our clients.”

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