Sixth release of Matrix Gemini LIMS highlights a year of rapid enhancements

Published: 8-Dec-2023

Autoscribe Informatics, the global leader in configurable Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), today announced the release of Matrix Gemini version 6.11

In the past twelve months there have been 6 new software releases. It is a testament to the agile approach of the development team that fully tested releases are available on average every two months. New or improved features in the last twelve months include: extended federated identity management, an improved web portal allowing authorised clients access to our customers’ systems, and improved support for custom field functionality.

Federated identity management means users can use the same login credentials (digital identity) to access multiple applications. Autoscribe’s customers adopt this single sign on (SSO) technology to simplify user password management across their enterprise and reduce the number of passwords that users must remember. Matrix Gemini LIMS now supports an extended range of 3rd party identity providers, including Azure and Okta. For more details on SSO in Matrix Gemini please read our blog article.

In response to customer input Autoscribe has created an improved Web Portal application allowing Matrix users to give their clients controlled access to the LIMS. Using the Matrix Web Portal clients can register samples, select the tests they want done, check the status of their samples, download test results, and retrieve certificates of analysis. Through the internet clients can access the Web Portal 24/7, from anywhere, while the built-in security ensures they only see their own data and information. The look and feel of the Web Portal can easily be configured to meet customers’ corporate branding requirements. Further details can be found on our website.

Custom fields are required because it has never been possible for a LIMS to pre-determine all the data and information a customer will need to record as they often need to store information unique to their operations or workflows. This data might include additional date, text, or numeric fields. While Matrix Gemini LIMS has always allowed custom fields to be added to its database to use for this purpose, recent releases have improved the flexibility of this. These changes have improved how these fields are added and managed while simplifying the support and upgrade of systems that use them. Both Microsoft SQL and Oracle database structures are supported.

“Multiple fast releases of sophisticated and configurable software, such as laboratory information management systems, enables high-priority customer enhancements to be deployed in weeks, not years,” said Simon Wood, Autoscribe Informatics Product Manager. “Providing regular updates to our clients is only possible because we take great care to simplify the upgrade path from version to version. Customer configurations are always kept separate to the underlying software code so updates do not impact the customer’s specific implementation of Matrix Gemini. This allows customers to take full advantage of the rapidly evolving technology within Matrix Gemini LIMS while protecting their long-term investment in a LIMS solution.”

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