Herbrand PharmaChemicals and Enzymicals cooperate on biocatalytic processes

Published: 18-Jan-2012

Starting point for a successful future, according to Herbrand PharmaChemicals

Two German companies have agreed to co-operate on the development of biocatalytic processes for the production of fine chemicals.

Herbrand PharmaChemicals of Gengenbach in the Black Forest and Enzymicals of Greifswald say they will combine their resources to ‘close the value-added chain for biocatalytic processes’.

Under the agreement Herbrand PharmaChemicals will produce chiral intermediates of pharmaceutical substances in a highly selective manner under mild reaction conditions using the enzyme portfolio of Enzymicals.

A range of applications, aimed at obtaining enantiomerically pure building blocks and for regiospecific reactions of demanding substrates are currently being evaluated for implementation at Gengenbach.

‘The opportunities at Herbrand PharmaChemicals will enable us to perform large scale production processes in Germany under GMP conditions and thus meet the requirements of our customers with respect to quality and timely delivery,’ said Ulf Menyes, ceo of Enzymicals, a biotech start-up founded in 2009.

Herbrand PharmaChemicals’ head of production Bernd Köhlmann says the cooperation with Enzymicals is ‘the starting point for a successful future for both companies’.

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