L.B. Bohle presents world novelties at Interpack

Published: 26-May-2023

The company presents its state-of-the-art technology "packed" in a modern way

For more than four decades, L.B. Bohle has stood for cutting-edge technology in the pharmaceutical industry. "Now the development team has decided to combine premium technology with modern design in the future," explained Thorsten Wesselmann, Executive Director Technology at L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren.

L.B. Bohle presents world novelties at Interpack

Work on the new machines has been going on for a good two years, also with the support of external design specialists. L.B. Bohle is celebrating the world premiere at the Interpack in Düsseldorf in May. 

Stainless steel remains synonymous with durable, robust and, if required, sterile technology. Added to this are dark elements, expressive lines, and more transparency. "The uniform appearance of the new machine generation ensures immediate recognition," emphasizes Tim Remmert, Executive Director Sales. In addition to the modern look, however, the focus was primarily on the inner values: easy handling, fast cleaning, safe processes, transparent workflows, and economical use of resources - all of which, of course, are state of the art.

True to the Bauhaus motto "form follows function", cutting-edge technology will continue to represent L.B. Bohle's DNA in the future. "We have succeeded in packaging top technical performance and features in a modern design," said Thorsten Wesselmann. 

To kick off the redesign, L.B. Bohle has selected three outstanding machines:

  • The BRC dry granulator: launched in 2012, this machine has been a sales hit since its introduction.
  • BFC 400 tablet coater: the fastest and most precise tablet coater is a bestseller worldwide due to its outstanding production results and efficiency.
  • The QbCon1 continuous wet granulator and dryer: in 2018, the R&D specialist became the first to offer a truly continuous solution for the difficult process of continuous wet granulation and drying.

"We deliberately chose the complex challenges of these three systems for the new design," explains Executive Director Tim Remmert. These references are impressive proof of our technological leadership.

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