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L.B. Bohle is a global acting manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry. The range of products includes process and handling equipment to produce pharmaceutical solids. As a technology leader in machines and processes for the OSD production, L.B. Bohle offer stand-alone, integrated systems or complete production lines for the entire process.

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L.B. Bohle the full system supplier: Machines and processes for tablet production

The company was founded in 1981 and is the most innovative technology company in the planning and implementation of machines and process for the pharmaceutical tablet production. The comprehensive product portfolio contains equipment for the whole production process. L.B. Bohle offer the perfect machine for your process from weighing and dosing equipment, to dry and wet granulation, milling and sieving machines, mixers, tablet coaters and product handling.

Stand-alone machines and complete production lines for the pharmaceutical industry

Based on long-standing expertise at all stages of the value chain, L.B. Bohle provide customized stand-alone machines, integrated systems and complete production lines. The technological solutions provided by Bohle rank top in pharmaceutical production and generate added value in the daily production.

Granulation Systems for tablet production

L.B. Bohle offer a comprehensive portfolio for granulation systems. No matter, if the customer requests a dry or wet granulation process, L.B. Bohle can offer the optimal granulation equipment. The granulation machine ranges from laboratory granulators to large granulators with batches of up to 750 kg. All granulators stand out for easy operation and quick cleaning, small footprint and highest efficiency. L.B. Bohle provide granulation equipment for the following steps:

  • Fluid-bed granulation
  • High-Shear granulation
  • Single-Pot granulation
  • Twin-Screw granulation
  • Dry granulation

Blending Systems for pharmaceutical solids

L.B. Bohle is a market leader in the production of blending equipment for the pharmaceutical production process. Thanks to the great flexibility in design and manufacturing, L.B. Bohle offer a high sophisticated range of blenders and pick-up systems. From lab equipment up to large production blenders, all blenders achieve perfectly homogeneous blending of dry powder batches. The blending process is scalable for volumes between 4 to 12,000 liters.

L.B. Bohle blenders can be used in all conceivable production scenarios.

L.B. Bohle blenders can be used in all conceivable production scenarios.

Tablet coating machines for tablet production

Tablet coating is often a crucial process step in the pharmaceutical tablet production. Most coating processes are performed for drug release modification, drug stability improvement against light or moisture and taste masking. Furthermore, patient compliance issues play an important role, as swallowability improvement or a simpler identification due to a different color.

Due to the perfect coordination of the processing steps spraying, blending and drying, all Bohle coaters guarantee fast and efficient tablet coating. Beside laboratory coaters for R&D and coaters with exchangeable drums, L.B. Bohle offer traditional batch coaters and a continuous version.

The L.B. Bohle coaters guarantee best-of-class product processing and excellent cost effectiveness.

The L.B. Bohle coaters guarantee best-of-class product processing and excellent cost effectiveness.

Handling systems and containers for the pharmaceutical industry

Perfect handling processes guarantee a safe and efficient production circle. Whenever there is a need to supply raw materials or to transport, securely seal or store products, a wide range of containers and lifting systems are used. With its comprehensive experience in the market, L.B. Bohle developed many standardized and customized handling solutions for the sensitive handling of pharmaceutical products.

Service Center: technical trials and process optimization

At the Service Centers in Germany and the United States, customer can test the L.B. Bohle equipment for all steps of the pharmaceutical production process. On a pilot scale, production facilities for batch sizes between 10 and 30 kg have been installed. So, customers can test their products under real conditions. Furthermore, the L.B. Bohle specialists support the customers in training and process optimization.

Technology Center: Continuous Manufacturing

Continuous Manufacturing offers many advantages to produce pharmaceutical solids. You will find relevant advantages in higher quality, shorter manufacturing times, lower costs and higher flexibility. Beside stand-alone systems, L.B. Bohle offer the production line QbCon® for the realization of a continuous manufacturing process from powder to the coated tablet. The QbCon® system allow continuous manufacturing via direct compression, dry and wet granulation. At the Technology Center, customers can test the installed machinery for continuous manufacturing and can make the first step in getting into continuous processing.

Continuous procssing unit inside the Technology Center

Continuous procssing unit inside the Technology Center

Manufacturing 'made in Germany'

L.B. Bohle is a global acting manufacturer with an export rate of 80 percent. In the course of our history, L.B. Bohle has become a globally recognized technology company for machines and processes.

The headquarters are in Ennigerloh, Germany. About 275 specialists make up a highly qualified team. Beside two branches in Germany, L.B. Bohle has got subsidiaries in the US and Asia Furthermore, the company is represented all over the world in about 40 countries by sales agencies.

Process machines in plant 3

Process machines in plant 3

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