ACHEMA 2012: IMA Pharma offers innovations across all divisions


Including new tablet presses

IMA Pharma, an Italian supplier of machinery for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals is showing innovations from all of its divisions in Frankfurt.

Highlights from the IMA Active division, which specialises in equipment for the production of solid dose products, include the new Precisa 150, a simple and reliable automatic machine for 100% weight control and selection of pharmaceutical products in hard gelatine capsules and tablets (up to 150,000 units/hour).

The machine automatically conveys the product from the feeding hopper to the weighing cells. After the weighing, values are processed by the machine’s computer, which sends any out-of-weight product to a specific container.

The S250 Smart tablet press combines established technology with the latest controls and an interchangeable turret. The machine is compact and operated via a touch screen. The upper machine head can be lifted to ease turret removal and allow access to the inner part of the press, shortening cleaning time and improving machine flexibility.

The S250 Smart is available in three versions: Traditional, Classic and Prime. It reaches a maximum production speed of 300,000 tablets/hour.

IMA Active is also unveiling the Styl’One Evolution research press, which produces compression studies with a minimal amount of powder and can perform full rotary press simulation. It can be upgraded to multilayer and tab-in-tab. With user-friendly software, the press can perform all types of studies automatically and clinical batches production with an output up to 1,200 tablets/hour. The IMA Life division is exhibiting several innovative solutions for aseptic processing and freeze drying.

Among the new solutions is the Sterifill B8-A, a linear ampoule filling and sealing machine for pharmaceuticals. Designed for drugs processing in aseptic conditions, with a very slim design, it can be installed either in a traditional Class 100 area or under RABS, and offers an output speed of 400 ampoules/minute.

As part of the IMA Life isolators range, a new machine for dispensing APIs and excipients is being showcased. The isolator has one pre-chamber and a main chamber where weighing and dispensing are performed. The unit is suitable for high toxic products, OEL 5/Category 4.

The new Sensitive AP400 TE 3T cartons labeller affixes labels on three sides of the carton. It is capable of applying two tamper-evident security seals on the two sides of the carton and one vignette on the top. With a production capacity of 500 cartons/minute the labeller features video cameras and printers to comply with the most stringent track and trace and serialisation requirements.

The IMA Safe division will exhibit the X1, a medium speed cartoner handling the widest range of products and materials.

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IMA Industries’ BFB division is showing the MS250 B stretch-bander, which offers very quick size changeover, ergonomic film reels change, and a production speed up to 60 bundles/minute.