Bactevo unveils fastest medicines discovery platform


Achieves 100 million disease-relevant assays per hour and incorporates synthetic chemistry platform

Bactevo has unveiled a game-changing Totally Integrated Medicines Engine (TIME) capable of 100 million phenotypic assays per hour, a landmark in disease-relevant assay screening.

TIME consists of synthetic chemistry technology TSAR (Total Structure Activity Relationships), which removes the limitations of the current generation of encoded libraries and combinatorial chemistry.

TSAR enables on the fly synthesis and screening of billions of drug-like compounds in a week.

“This scalable capacity accesses new chemistry and screening that is already 1000-fold beyond the fastest alternative platforms,” said David Williams, Chief Executive Officer.

This scale of discovery allows Bactevo to transform the traditional linear process. It introduces simultaneous drug dose response and ADMET assays, integrated for every compound.

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Bactevo’s TIME platform also incorporates a collection of engineered natural product libraries. The company is now identifying the first therapeutic leads for its gateway discovery programme in rare mitochondrial disorders.