Braun Beteiligungs invests in Enzymicals

Published: 20-Jun-2012

Will pioneer innovative technologies such as biocatalysis

Braun Beteiligungs (BBG) of Germany has taken an undisclosed stake in Enzymicals, a producer of biocatalysts based in Greifswald, further expanding its collaboration with Enzymicals, Gegenbach-based Herbrand PharmaChemicals and Brain.

Munich-based Brain has invested an additional undisclosed sum, thereby underscoring the significance of the alliance.

Ulf Menyes, ceo of Enzymicals said: ‘The positive effects that will result from closer collaboration with Herbrand PharmaChemicals in market-orientated biocatalytic process development and with Brain in enzyme identification will be very beneficial to all parties involved.

‘We are now presenting ourselves as a strong alliance on the market. In order to meet the resulting higher standards, expanding the growth financing by increasing the capital is a logical step for our company.’

Norbert Braun, commercial manager of BBG, added: ‘BBG’s stake in Enzymicals is a reasonable addition to our portfolio in the pharmaceutical industry. We will concentrate on pioneering and innovative technologies such as biocatalysis. This is firmly established in the market environment of industrial biotechnology, generates high growth rates and is thus a logical further step for our strategy in this segment.’

The core competencies of each company complement each other: Brain produces enzymes; Enzymicals handles development of biocatalytic processes for chemical and pharmaceutical products and process-orientated enzyme optimisation; while Herbrand PharmaChemicals handles bio-catalytic production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in compliance with cGMP.

Jürgen Eck, chief technical officer of Brain, added: ‘The collaboration with BBG is a major step for all parties towards reinforcing our international competitive edge in the field of industrial biocatalysis for chemical/pharmaceutical applications.

‘We feel that the partnership will open up completely new opportunities to give the products and processes from industrial biocatalysis the attention they deserve. Our collaboration will provide us with direct access to the international markets.’

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