Bringing oncology clinical trials into precision medicine era

Medidata and Syapse partnership, will democratise access to clinical trials and help community health systems find and enroll eligible patients at an unprecedented scale

Medidata, global provider of cloud-based technology and data analytics for clinical research, and Syapse, a market leader in precision medicine solutions, have announced a new partnership to transform oncology clinical trials for the age of precision medicine.

Syapse is on a mission to deliver the best care for every cancer patient through precision medicine. Syapse's software platform, data sharing network, and industry partnerships enable healthcare providers to bring precision cancer care to every patient who needs it.

By bringing together leading healthcare innovators into a unified ecosystem, Syapse is working toward a future in which all cancer patients have access to the best personalised care, regardless of location or income.

Glen de Vries

"With oncology becoming increasingly focused on targeted therapy and immunotherapy, it is necessary to rethink our approach to clinical trial design, to fully realise the vision of precision medicine," said Glen de Vries, Medidata President and co-founder.

"We are excited to partner with Syapse to bring this vision to reality. By working at the intersection of health systems and the life sciences industry, Syapse and Medidata can both increase access to innovative clinical trials and accelerate the development of novel cancer therapies."

Medidata's solutions power clinical trials for 18 of the world's top 25 pharmaceutical companies and Syapse solutions power precision medicine for nearly 300 hospitals across 25 states.

The partnership aims to bring these products to pharmaceutical companies and health systems at scale in the coming years.

Ken Tarkoff

"Syapse and Medidata are coming together to democratise access to clinical trials for patients across the country," said Ken Tarkoff, CEO of Syapse.

"The many targeted cancer therapies in development today can save patients' lives, but only if we improve clinical trials so they reach the patients who can benefit from them."

"Syapse and Medidata are uniquely positioned to tackle this problem, at an unparalleled scale, because of our combined partnerships with community health systems and life sciences companies."

Medidata and Syapse will jointly develop a portfolio of solutions to make it easier for cancer patients to access potentially life-saving clinical trials, with a focus on democratising access for patients in community health systems.

The partnership will initially build products to assist trial sponsors in designing eligibility criteria, identify community health systems as trial sites, and enable oncologists and their care teams to easily identify patients for enrollment into cutting-edge clinical trials.

In 2017, the approval of novel drugs in the US hit a 21-year high, with many targeting rare diseases and types of cancer. The continued growth of precision medicine compounds the challenges of finding the right patients for the right trials in oncology.

This approach segments populations based on both traditional clinical factors and novel molecular characteristics, thus reducing population sizes for targeted therapy and immunotherapy trials.