Change inspection programmes with handheld scanner


EyeVision supports a handheld scanner to change the inspection programme according to the product

EVT Eye Vision Technology has introduced the handheld scanner, which can read different codes, such as bar codes, QRs or DMCs. With EyeVision users can now recognise the product according to its product code.

The code and the image of the product are saved together and combined in a data base. The inspection programme can detect various defects on the product and can send out a warning. To be able to set warning limits is a key feature in the EyeVision software.

EyeVision supports different communication protocols, such as Profinet, Modbus, Ethercat, PLC-Link, Beckhoff EtherLink, EyeLink etc.

Due to the handheld scanner support the switch between inspection programmes is much easier. No programming skills are needed to work with EyeVision.

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The software has different modes. The programmer mode, where the user is able to create and alter inspection programmes. And the process user mode, where the user cannot change anything on the programme and just makes sure it runs correct and checks the results.