Cytovation appoint Ole-Erik Iversen as Scientific Advisor

Biotech company Cytovation has announced the appointment of Professor Ole-Erik Iversen as Scientific Advisor

Professor Ole-Erik Iversen, new Scientific Advisor at Cytovation

Professor Iversen has previously held positions at the Department of Surgery at Molde Hospital and the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Haukeland Hospital. He was Research Fellow of The Norwegian Cancer Society (1984-1986).

Iversen has been Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at University of Bergen since 1992 and since 2000 has been Principal Investigator in Norway for several Phase II and III clinical trials for Merck and Gardasil and Cervarix.

From 2007 he was also Member of Merck Scientific Advisory Committee on Second Generation HPV vaccines (Gardasil 9).

He is currently Advisor to the Health Directorate and Norwegian Cancer Registry on use of HPV testing in triage and primary screening to replace cytology.

Cytovation AS is a privately held biotech company founded in 2001. It is developing CyPep-1, a peptide consisting of 27 amino acids currently in pre-clinical for the treatment of skin disorders.

CEO Kjell Inge Arnevig said: “We are pleased to welcome Professor Iversen to Cytovation. He joins the Company at an exciting time, with lead candidate CyPep-1 currently in pre-clinical development for the treatment of warts caused by the HPV virus.

“We are confident that Professor Iversen’s extensive experience in HPV vaccines will assist Cytovation to achieve its goals.”