Data Integrity — not just a pharma issue

Published: 18-Oct-2017

In any analytical laboratory the importance of data integrity is well known, typically, acquisition, processing, approval and reporting of data can be adequately covered by the majority of instrument software

However, there is often no secure data integrity link between different pieces of analytical equipment.

Open to the private and public sector in the UK, Shimadzu presents a workshop giving a great opportunity to learn more about the importance of data integrity in the laboratory, from acquisition, processing, approval, reporting and secure storage of data.

The event will include seminars and live demonstration where we will present full data integrity from weighing out a sample, analysis of that sample on multiple analytical instruments, followed by processing, approval, reporting and secure storage of the results, all on a single software package.

Seminars will be followed by practical demonstrations in our laboratory, revealing how it all works in practice.

The workshop will take place on 14 November 2017 at the Shimadzu Centre of Excellence.

To reserve your free places please contact Anna Cooper:, 01908552214

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