Dispose of liquid waste safely


Vacusip vacuum aspiration solution makes disposal quick and easy

Integra Group’s Vacusip is an out-of-box vacuum aspiration solution for liquid waste disposal tasks carried out at the laboratory bench.

The Swiss provider of laboratory tools for liquid handling, media preparation, sterilisation and cell cultivation says the Vacusip makes liquid waste disposal safe and convenient for applications including the aspiration of small volumes of liquid, such as supernatants after centrifugation steps, removal of washing solutions and multi-channel removal of sample from multi-well microplates.

The Vacusip features a low noise pump and rechargeable battery enabling it to operate wherever it is needed. To optimise battery run-time, the pump automatically switches on and off according to the vacuum needed for an aspiration task.

A hydrophobic filter protects the unit from contamination and liquid entry.

All components coming into contact with liquids can be autoclaved and exchanging a full collection bottle is safe and easy, the firm says.