EC approves new Xaluprine formulation


Cancer drug no longer contains propyl parabens preservative

Nova Laboratories, a specialist in the processing of complex pharmaceuticals, has been granted approval from the European Commission for a revised formulation of Xaluprine (mercaptopurine oral suspension), which no longer contains the preservative propyl parabens.

The new formulation of the drug, which is used to treat acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, is also free from artificial colours, artificial flavouring and sugar and is therefore child-friendly.

Mercaptopurine has been available as a tablet for many years, but because the dose has to be adjusted according to body surface area, it has always been extremely difficult for parents or carers to administer the correct dose to young children.

Xaluprine offers more consistent absorption and allows doses to be individualised to the child’s needs – right down to 2mg doses, whereas the originator tablet is 50mg.

It is also easier for patients to swallow and the natural raspberry flavour ensures good palatability, says Nova.

Trimedica Limited is the exclusive distributor of the product in Europe.

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The revised formulation will be supplied from January 2013.